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jai b

As the founder & creator of The Jai B. Experience, I have curated an experience to passionately pour love, light, and confidence into each beautiful human who sits in my chair.

My salon is my happy place, a sanctuary where we discover things about ourselves, our community, and the world while taking respite. It was imperative for me to create a space where we can be free to relax, de-stress, take a moment and feel at peace while indulging in the luxurious services that provide comfort, healing, and hope.

Somewhere you can literally let your hair down and just be. Self-care has played a huge part in healing and transforming my life and I want to give that to others. I am so blessed and grateful to be able to do so with the experience.

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my journey

With almost 20 years in the beauty industry, I have garnered a vast amount of knowledge, skill and technique which enables me to create a personalized look for you. It is my belief that educating clients in hair care practices, product knowledge, & current trends are key. Empowerment is the result of when you are educated with the knowledge of how to care for your hair. I use all of this to cultivate the ultimate experience.

the experience

Experience gorgeous aesthetics, aromatherapy, musical vibes, relaxing salon services in a judge free environment. 


When I opened the TJBE I wanted to create a safe and judge free environment for my clients to enjoy luxury salon services. A place where you can let your hair down, literally and figuratively. Where you can just feel free to be. Your salon experience will be like no other. Along with exceptional hair care services, I also provide hair care education to all my clients, whether you schedule frequently or need tips to care for your hair at home. You’ll enjoy the vibes of a carefully curated playlist meant to induce the vibes, while de-stressing with a steam treatment. Enjoy a glass of wine or a spot of tea while your eyes absorb the beautiful views of Uptown.  Pick an affirmation from the affirmation wall and affirm yourself while I coiff your tresses. I will provide you with the ultimate experience while you get to enjoy just being. Forget about the troubles of the world while I pamper and beautify you during your session. I believe in pouring into my clients while they are gracing me with their presence so they leave full with love and light. To me, this is about more than just giving you a hairstyle. It’s curating and cultivating a connection and relationship with you and your hair to provide you with elite hair care.

I believe in goal setting such as career  goals, personal goals, etc. In addition to helping you achieve your dream hair goals, I will be striving to achieve some goals of my own. I would like to continue to educate while being formally trained as a platform educator/artist for a large beauty brand. With this I will be able to travel globally and education the masses in color and styling. I will also have more session work opportunities to do editorial hair styling, fashion shows and photo shoots. The goal is to become a highly sought after creative director of hair and to continue to add more layers to my creative world as an artist.

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